QTReview saves notes to video and audio files.
Save text, images, or drawn notes to specific moments of video and audio files. QTReview is compatible with most professional video and audio formats and is an indispensable tool for media professionals, educators, and 21st century communicators.
From your mind to their mind in no time.
QTReview takes the pain and uncertainty out of communicating about video and audio. No more trying to describe when something happens because it’s automatically saved with the note, and you can jump directly to the moment the note applies, saving everyone time and making notes clearer. Video annotation has never been easier!
A picture is worth a thousand words.
QTReview allows you to draw directly on top of videos so there’s no confusion about what you want done. You can also add image references so everyone is on the same page.
The best way to get QTReview and to receive free updates is to download it via the Mac App Store.